My name is Nick Davies, I’m an adventure sports photographer from Christchurch, New Zealand. By training I am a physicist specializing in classical mechanics (how things move), and during my university years taking up adventure sports has become borderline obsessive (big mountain skiing, mountain biking, climbing, surfing and others). Living the mundane everyday corporate life shouldn’t be enough for any of us, get out there and interact with the beautifully incomprehensible universe we are all such an insignificant part of.

Starting with a phone and developing to the pack full of lights, flashes, lenses and other equipment I now cart around, my images and artistic style have grown toward combining natural light with continuous and strobe lighting, extending the hours of play and creating unique, hard to produce images in extraordinary places.

None of these images would be possible without the people in them and the unique skill sets they posses. We don’t (often) pose images, rather try to capture candid moments in time which show the ups and downs trying to interact with the universe as much as we can.

Find me on the contacts page for collaboration or work with myself and/or the crew. Some of the regular athletes are below:

Christian Wild

Christian Wild is a glaciologist who works on the interaction between ice and ocean, mainly in Antarctica, his work is invaluable in understanding climate change and sea level rise. Oh and he is a pretty good climber, skier, white water kayaker, mountaineer and surfer just to round it off. Check out his website for more information on his work and lots of rad photos including some from Antarctica.